Marvel Comics Unlimited!: January 2014

Monday, January 13, 2014

Fantomex - One of the Coolest Looking Characters in Marvel

Dearest comic book fans,

I love Fantomex - the costume, the backstory and his role in many pivotal plots of the last few years = pure awesomeness.

From the Marvel Universe Wiki:


The product of a mating between his mother and a machine, Charlie-Cluster 7 was born in the World, a secret square mile of experimental micro-reality built by the military industrial complex. In the World, artificially evolved super-soldiers destined to serve mankind during the inevitable war between humans and mutants were bred and trained by the Weapon Plus Program. The World’s scientists heated up time itself until it flowed in all directions at once. Into this pliant, fast-moving substance, they introduced human test groups, whose genetic material was crudely spliced with adaptive Nano-Sentinel technology, and ran the result through half a million years of cyborg mutation in eighteen months. Charlie’s nervous system was extracted and mutated into the autonomous entity named E.V.A. The thirteenth of the Program's living “Weapons,” which counted among their earlier numbers the star-spangled Avenger Captain America as the first and the mutant hero Wolverine as the tenth, Fantomex was to serve together with Huntsman (Weapon XII), Ultimaton (Weapon XV), and others in the Super-Sentinels, a group of highly efficient mutant-hunters posing as a group of super-heroes modeled after Saturday morning cartoons.

Here are some of the issues he’s appeared in:

New X-Men #128 (First Appearance)

New X-Men #143-145 (Origin Story, Not on Marvel Unlimited)

Weapon X #23 (Origin Story w/Wolverine)

Uncanny X-Force #5-7 (Deathlok Nation)

Uncanny X-Force #27 (Death, Not on Marvel Unlimited)


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X-Necrosha - Reading Order on Marvel Unlimited

Comic book fans,

The one true Black Queen has returned, and she wants nothing less than every soul of mutantkind...dead or alive.

Necrosha One-Shot

New Mutants #6

X-Force #21

New Mutants #7

X-Force #22

New Mutants #8

Necrosha: The Gathering

X-Men Legacy #231

X-Force #23

X-Men Legacy #232

X-Men Legacy #233

X-Force #24

X-Force #25

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