Marvel Comics Unlimited!: July 2017

Friday, July 7, 2017

Defenders Preview: Jessica Jones

Hello Crimefighters!

With the Defenders coming soon on Netflix, it's a good time to run back through some of the amazing and astonishing characters that make up the team! Today's post is about Jessica Jones AKA Jewel AKA the Pulse AKA Jessica Campbell Jones Cage (with of Luke Cage in the Marvel universe).

Jessica Jones is a really great character, as she brings a special realness to what it might be like to be a super-powered hero. Having attended school with young Peter Parker, Jones received her powers through an accident -- radio active chemicals being hauled by the military got on her when her father ran collided with the convoy -- and this was just the first of many crazy experiences for her.

After donning a costume and going by the name Jewel, she is for a brief period the mental slave to Purple Man, an evil-as-evil-can-be villain in the comics. Part of this period is recalled in the Netflix series found at this link.

Jessica Jones #1 (2015)

There are many great stories featuring Jessica Jones, so I've linked a handful of pages and Marvel Unlimited issues below. Be sure to enjoy this series before the Defenders starts in August.

You'll love the peculiar adventures of this not-so-typical "hero" -- check out the comics and the Netflix series today.  

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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Back from a LONG Break

Greetings Heroes,

After a longer-than-expected hiatus, we're back and ready to share great reading lists, links to Marvel Unlimited issues and arcs, astonishing products and amazing deals for shoppers!

We've rebuilt many of the old pages, adding content and shifting to a diverse set of affiliate sponsors including Amazon, eBay and Google. These affiliate links pay for the writers so thank you to all who visit the site without ad blockers. We do not penalize anyone who uses an ad blocker so you can still see the site regardless, but we appreciate it when you don't.

With these affiliate links, all content is free and we can get back to adding value to your visits with the latest insider information from Marvel and, for the first time, we'll be expanding our vision to include many other publishers. You no longer have to exit the site to get the latest on DC's Rebirth, for example, and when popular TV series come back for the fall season (or the Netflix binge season), you no longer have to go to our other blogs like Netflixins' to read the latest story summaries.

Finally, you have our commitment to add more new content each week on all of the blogs in this family, including our Apple-focused site, our technology blog and more!

As always, your visits are appreciated. Feel free to comment or send a message requesting coverage of a particular Marvel arc and we'll add it to our priority list. We're building new content for all of Marvel's recent crossover events right now and should have links for the entire Civil War II arc shortly after bringing you the original Civil War in all its writing glory in the coming week.

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