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Monday, January 12, 2015

Days of Future Present Reading Order List

Days of Future Present (Fantastic Four/X-Men Crossover Sequel) Reading Order List

Days of Future Present is the 1990 followup to the groundbreaking 1981 two issue side story arc “Days of Future Past” from Uncanny X-Men 141 and 142 (although technically the name change of the book to “Uncanny X-Men” happened in 142). I call it a side story arc because there is another arc ongoing through the issues, the story of an assassination attempt by the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants being led by Mystique with classic X-Men foe Blob, and new characters Destiny, Pyro, and Avalanche rounding out the group.

The Brotherhood wanted to kill Senator Robert Kelly (Wikia - first appearance X-Men #133 - MU link). His death would’ve brought about a future where Sentinels ran most of the world, controlling both mutants and human sympathizers alike.

In this sequel, the Fantastic Four return home to Four Freedoms Plaza and it is replaced by their previous headquarters, the Baxter Building. There is an alternate timeline version of the FF in the HQ and … (Read synopsis here)…

These issues are NOT available digitally, please contact Marvel and request they be made so!

  1. Fantastic Four Annual #23
  2. X-Factor Annual #5 (this is chronologically part 3, and part 3 is part 2)
  3. New Mutants Annual #6
  4. Uncanny X-Men Annual #14
    • While it’s not a “fifth” story, pages 10-11 of this book tell a backup story called “The Fundamental Things” which is commonly thought of as part 4.1

You can buy the collected issues on Amazon, Days of Future Present.


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Now, to a fun topic: buying comics in bulk. Several posts in the past week were asking about buying comic books in bulk. I found this interesting article from Chuck Rozanski at Mile High Comics on the subject.

Love Mile High, hate them or be indifferent, but Chuck has some great blog posts that share real insights from his decades of buying and selling. A related subject that came up this weekend was buying comic books by the pound. Several companies exist that sell comics by the pound, they are suitable for reading, craft projects and more. There is even a "brand" called "Comics by the Pound" that advertises in Overstreet and is sold by a couple of online vendors. You can easily locate sellers with a Google search, and prices vary from as low as $1/pound (which is between 6 and 9 modern comics, depending on the paper and cover type) up to about $3/pound. You can also by used bags and boards by the pound, often as low as $4 for roughly 50 bags with boards in them. I recommend against buying those, as brand new bags and boards are not that expensive and you can't be sure the cleanliness of those bags and boards.


To locate comics by the pound, use your favorite search engine and the query "comic books by the pound" and compare the various vendors for yourself. As always, you should buy small amounts first (to be sure you are happy with the quality of what is delivered) and consider companies that use PayPal rather than direct credit card entry. This puts an additional layer of protection for your card numbers.


One company that sells in bulk (and advertises heavily in publications like the regular Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide) is This is not an endorsement. Please research any vendor using the usual methods (search engine queries with the name of a company + "scam" or "ripoff" is a good way to find negative reviews).


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