Marvel Comics Unlimited!: Uncanny X-Men #10 - WTF?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Uncanny X-Men #10 - WTF?

Greetings readers,

I must say: I love the current X-Men titles by Brian Michael Bendis. Uncanny X-Men is fun and All-New X-Men is really interesting; indeed, in spite of the way they’ve realllllly gone out of their way to stretch short story arcs into many issues and separate me from even more of my money, I dig what they’re doing!

However, I have a complaint. I don’t like to call out artists and I’ve kept my mouth shut on some of the guest artist issues in spite of how bad I thought the panels looked. The latest issue of Uncanny X-Men is full of characters that are barely recognizable.

What do you guys think? Am I being overly critical or are some of these choices really horrible and disappointing?


Please share your thoughts on the artwork in the comments - and let me know (honestly) if you think I’m overly critical.


Anyway, here’s the comic book code for #10:


Enjoy - and remember to share your codes, here or on your favorite forum. My current favorite forum is the one over on Google+ -- they are great about sharing content and the members of the forum are active in discussions about all kinds of topics and many different comic book publishers. By the way, the inside artwork shown above isn’t a scan of my own book (I hate the creases from putting comics into my scanner!) and instead is from Comic Book Resources, a superb website. The original image appears here.


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