Marvel Comics Unlimited!: Secret Wars - 1984 - The Original Reading List on Marvel Unlimited!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Secret Wars - 1984 - The Original Reading List on Marvel Unlimited!

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This post is about the original Secret Wars miniseries, still a classic story that impacts the entire Marvel Universe. Working with Mattel, Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief Jim Shooter developed a series that would have a tie-in with action figures, and the writing ended up being significant for a handful of great additions to the Marvel Universe history, like the black suit of Spider-Man’s that later become… Okay, I know it is too late for spoilers, but we’ll pretend to avoid spoilers anyway!

You can see all of the Secret Wars Miniseries at a glance on Marvel Unlimited here.

  1. Secret Wars (1984) #1 - Heroes and villains alike are transported across the universe by a mysterious being known as the Beyonder.
  2. Secret Wars (1984) #2 - The first battle between heroes and villains begins as Galactus watches.
  3. Secret Wars (1984) #3 - Doom creates new villains!!
  4. Secret Wars (1984) #4 - Molecule Man drops a mountain on the heroes??
  5. Secret Wars (1984) #5 - X-Men strike back!
  6. Secret Wars (1984) #6 - Spider-Woman?
  7. Secret Wars (1984) #7 - First full appearance new Spider-Woman
  8. Secret Wars (1984) #8 - Spider-Man uses the wrong machine to rebuild his costume and ends up with the black costume!
  9. Secret Wars (1984) #9 - The fight against Galactus to prevent world devouring is on!
  10. Secret Wars (1984) #10 - Death to the Beyonder!
  11. Secret Wars (1984) #11 - Doom kills the heroes (but they are resurrected next issue!)
  12. Secret Wars (1984) #12 - The end of the miniseries, Thing stays behind because he can change into human form.

Some of the covers have been used in homages over the years since, and the black suit continues to impact Marvel stories on a monthly basis. This year-long event ran from May 1984 to April 1985 back at a time when there were not many long events, crossovers or anything like that.

As this was before decompression, the content in one regular book might exceed the story in two or three books today. Overall, a worthwhile series to check out on MU!

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