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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Shopping Online - the Bad Sellers List

Greetings Heroes - From time to time we run across bad sellers, sometimes on eBay, others on Facebook and in rare cases on Amazon. It’s great to know which people to avoid because of bad practices, so please feel free to leave a comment to help us add to the list. It is with sadness that I create this list, but it is important for people to be aware of sellers who do things like:
  • Misrepresent their items’ conditions
  • Overcharge for shipping, especially when they list one rate for combined orders but refuse to honor it
  • Claim that an item is “lost” after an auction closes at a price they think is too low - these people refund your money, but they don’t get penalized by eBay for the bad service
Sometimes on eBay the sellers will honor their refund policy (which they hope you are too lazy to follow), but then they block you from bidding. In the process of refunding your money, you lose the ability to leave the negative feedback they deserve. People like this continue to operate, scamming people on items they claim are NM but hiding defects cleverly in their pictures.
First on the list: tuners36

This seller sold me a handful of comics - and every single book’s grade was misrepresented. Beware this con artist eBay seller at all costs! Some people might see the 99.9% and think the person is a good person to deal with, but if someone misrepresents items one time, chances are many of the positive reviews are from people who don’t realize they got ripped off!

Check out the seller’s feedback: PastedGraphic-2016-04-26-07-39.png
Be careful out there comic fans! Always remember to hold your sellers to a high standard! Until next time, Excelsior!!!

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