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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Shipping Comic Books - SAVE

Greetings heroes,
As many of you readers know, after getting back into comic books, I started selling them. It’s really about the most awesome experience a fan can have: making money while enjoying the hobby you are passionate about!
Barcode Scanners:

Anyway, there are some great tools-of-the-trade that I highly recommend to people who sell comics. For that matter, if you simply trade comic books, this is the best practice for shipping.

First, there are dedicated cardboard mailers I highly recommend for any comic book shipment. Next, you want to protect the comic books using a gray poly bag mailer. These are moisture (rain) resistant and you never know whether or not a package might run through some bad weather. For sealing these mailers, I recommend Scotch products. Preferably the heavy duty shipping tape.
If you have a thermal printer (which is ideal), Amazon also stocks a fairly inexpensive generic roll of 4x6 labels.

List of items:
200 Mailers - now available for less!

UPDATE - I have added a new recommendation Scotch Tear-by-Hand Tape, 1.88 Inches x 50 Yards, 4-Pack - it tears easily by hand! No need for scissors of a special dispenser. This oversized mailbox is perfect for shipping out a stack of books in the protective Affinity mailers whether they are loose or inside flat rate envelopes.

Until next time,
PS - feel free to message me or comment for help!

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