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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Earth X - Limited Series

The Earth X limited series is definitely a fun break from the “real” Marvel world. Based around the notes of Alex Ross who created Kingdom Come for DC, Earth X is the dystopian version of the Marvel Universe. As you’ll see in the comics, the art is unusual, at least by contemporary standards. That being said, I find this to be a masterpiece of scripting and drawing.

It all kicks off with issue #0, and as with most of my blog posts, click the issue # or cover image to go straight to the issue in Marvel Unlimited. For trade paperback fans, you can pick the book up at Amazon here.

Note: some guides invert issues X and 0 -- I am sticking with what I found first. Please correct me in the comments if I’ve got this wrong and I’ll update my blog post!


Regular issues:




This series is well worth the time spent reading it and there are two additional limited series with similar themes that I will blog about in the future.

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