Marvel Comics Unlimited!: Weekend Reading -> Age of Apocalypse <- More Images Part 1

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Weekend Reading -> Age of Apocalypse <- More Images Part 1

Comic book fans,

I’m on a strictly AoA diet this morning, so I’ll be posting some cool covers and panels as I get through some issues. If you haven’t read the Age of Apocalypse, you’re missing one of the classic Marvel stories of the modern age!

As mentioned before, there are many trade paperbacks in the AoA series, available at Amazon here.

A much more complete way to read the story is the hardback X-Men: Age of Apocalypse, but it retails for $125 (or $86.31 on Amazon), or you can enjoy the reading order in the link here, assembled using resources from Amazon, Comic Book Herald and

Reminder: another great place to buy back issues at fair prices online is My Comic Shop. Be sure you check your local comic shop first, because every town lucky enough to have one should support them! Use the locator here to find one if you don’t know of your closest location. Thanks to Comic Shop Locator for that link!








More to come!

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