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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Other Blogs and Resources for Comic Book Geekery!

I post mostly about the fun stuff I find on Marvel Unlimited and quite a bit of that is based on building clickable link lists for all of the issues and tie-ins for crossover events and comic book series where the MU interface (unfortunately) does not contain the issues in proper order.

There are a ton of resources I use to find the right reading order for the big crossover stories since the trade paperbacks rarely include the tie-ins and Marvel’s own site is almost useless as a search tool. I’ve introduced readers to some of my favorite sites, which I’ll list next, but below that, I want to tell you about other blogs and websites that you might not know about. By the way, it is probably important to know that some of these sites aren’t actively updated, but that is ok since many of us are interested in older issues anyway.

Here are the sites I’ve talked about so far:

  • Comic Book Herald - Dave Buesing’s excellent site contains fantastic posts about all things comic book and geekery fun! His recent post about Arrested Development is just one example of his brilliance. I link to his reading order guide on every blog page because it is the best!
  • Comic Vine - owned by CBS interactive, don’t hold that against the site, as it is a great resource for comic books of all publishers. Check out the results of this search for Phoenix Force!
  • Phil the Comic Guy - a cool blog with a guy who has a real interesting approach to his reviews: he tells you what he thinks, straight up. He’s also great at putting together excellent read order guides, such as this one or A vs X.
  • Uncanny Xmen Net - the site for X-Men fans. It’s full of great links, descriptions of issues and so much more.

I’ve been reading some other blogs and sites lately:

Addition courtesy of a friend on Google Plus -> <-

Here's one of my favorite pieces by JamieFayX, Hope - The Mutant Messiah


What blogs and forums do you like?


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