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Monday, May 6, 2013

A Great Source of Reading Lists

The Comic Book Herald is an awesome blog, filled with great Marvel reading order content. The site lists trade paperbacks and individual issues for many popular crossover events. The trade paperbacks are usually linked to an online source like Amazon, but the individual issues aren’t linked to MDCU. That’s where this blog comes in -- soon I’ll have links up to help comic fans quickly find the next issue to read in all of the best big Marvel crossovers.

Check out the Comic Book Herald here.

I wasn’t following comics since I was a kid, so it was great to get back into them and be able to catch up on so many great stories like the House of M. Check out CBH’s great reading order guide for the House of M here.

If you are looking for a great comic book store, buy comic books at

We also use Amazon for many of our store purchases - comics, vintage comics, shipping boxes and more!

Note: as usual, whenever you see an asterisk (*), you can look at the bottom of the post for links to that item on Amazon or eBay.

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