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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Runaways Volume 1

Greetings comic book fans,

Just finished Runaways volume 1, and it is an amazing piece of comic book fiction. The perfect blend of new characters and concepts with old-school classics, even tossing in some biblical references. The artwork is flawless, you’ll fall in love with the characters and just be angry that it ended when it did.

Never mind that though, because there are two additional volumes of Runaways issues, thanks in part to the popularity of the trade paperbacks!

Because the Runaways issue order on Marvel Unlimited is off (way out of order if you click previous issue/next issue in many places), I’ve added the remaining issues in the first 18’s run below:

We’ve already covered:

Issue 1 - the discovery

Issue 2 - next steps

Issue 3 - the hidden room

Issue 4 - seeking the truth

Issue 5 - the big battle

Issue 6 - the founding of the Runaways

Continuing on:

Issue 7

Issue 8

Issue 9

Issue 10

Issue 11

Issue 12


WTH? These (13-16) issues aren’t on Marvel Unlimited and are $1.99 each, but worth the money. Also consider buying the collected works on Amazon. The Runaways series was collected into “digest” size paperbacks (5” x 7.8”) with Runaways Volume 1: Pride & Joy (Runaways Digest New Ed) collecting issues 1 through 6 for just $8.99, Runaways, Vol. 2: Teenage Wasteland containing issues 7 through 12, and Runaways Vol. 3: The Good Die Young closes the first volume of the series with issues 13 through 18. Amazon is my favorite place to buy comic paperbacks, but I hear great things about DCBS from my friend Nethead.

Issue 13

Issue 14

Issue 15

Issue 16

Free on Marvel Unlimited

Issue 17

Issue 18

By the way, did I mention that Cloak and Dagger are in the series? When I was a kid, I became a fan of them pretty quickly. They were a bizarre pair of runaways themselves, and they had been the victims of drug experiments forced on them that awakened mutant powers (actually, the mutant part is a retcon courtesy of Marvel). They were active on the War on Drugs and had crossovers with the New Mutants and the Power Pack kids. They also had some involvement with the X-Men over the years. Unfortunately, their first appearance in Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #64 is not on Marvel Unlimited, but there are a ton of Clock and Dagger issues on MU. Check out Spider-Island: Cloak and Dagger, their X-Men: Nation X one shot (Clock and Dagger 2010) to their run in Marvel Knights (beginning with issue #7).


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