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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited - The Reading List Blog!

Dear readers,

Marvel Comics Unlimited is really a cool feature for people into comic books, whether you were a fan in the 80s as a kid (like me) or a more recent fan, this service allows you to read comic books from the silver age on through to recent books from as recently as 2012.

There are some gaps in issues, sometimes the sequence is out of order (especially on mini series) so you’ll click next and see two issues out and think the next issue is missing, only to discover that clicking next again gets you that missing issue.

The service is available on iOS and looks great on the iPad and iPad mini -- but you might be surprised to learn that the iPhone is great thanks to the “smart panels” feature of the app. This link will open iTunes to the Marvel Unlimited app that is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

Android fans need not worry, Marvel loves you too and they offer access via your web browser too, with an app coming to Google play soon. I love the browsing experience on Chrome and use Chrome on my 27” iMac for most of my reading.

There are some downsides to the service, and I’ll cover those in another blog post, but first, let me explain the purpose of this blog. There are tons of great reading lists that help you navigate the complex order required to follow along on major crossover events in the Marvel Universe, like House of M, for example. This blog will feature posts that list the individual issues for crossovers, notable major stories in the Marvel canon like the Death of The Phoenix, the first appearance of Gambit and more, all with hyperlinks to the Marvel Unlimited browser-based version of the comic book.

PastedGraphic2-2013-05-6-08-07.png PastedGraphic-2013-05-6-08-07.png

Speaking of Gambit, nerd friends, did you see this? AND yes, I know the actual first appearance of Gambit was a cameo in X-Men Annual #14, which unfortunately is not on the new digital service yet.
So, welcome to my blog, your comments and suggestions for issues and events to highlight are welcome!


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