Marvel Comics Unlimited!: Memorial Day Weekend - Comic Book Nerd Style!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend - Comic Book Nerd Style!

Seriously, a three-day or four-day weekend and you aren’t going to spend at least some time reading comic books?

If you have limited time, check out any of these “Origins” posts, each a single issue and tending to have incredible artwork.

For some of my favorite stories that reference only a few issues each, check out these:

Where do I find great reading lists? Well, there’s Google, Wikipedia, and my new friend Dave over at You can read all about the coolness that is Dave’s site by reading about it on the blog here.

Finally, if you have the time, please invest those hours in one of the greatest crossover arcs ever: Avengers Disassembled. This blog post and the related What If? post (to be read AFTER the full crossover) are great comic book works that should entertain you for a few hours to say the least. I’ll tell you this for sure: it’s much more fun to read on Marvel Unlimited than to read summaries on Wikipedia. ☺

A brief word about the tag cloud on the right side of the blog. Click it to jump to lists of posts with the words in the tags section of the post. The more posts with a given tag, the larger that tag appears, which is why as of this posting, origin is larger than Phoenix which is larger than new mutants, etc.

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Update: these reading lists are a great thing to do with your time when Netflix crashes under the weight of all of us trying to watch Arrested Development season 4 at midnight 5/26/2013.


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