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Friday, May 24, 2013

O M G - Runaways - A M A Z I N G

Ok, so you take Bryan K. Vaughan of LOST fame (writer, story editor and producer during seasons three through five) and a totally new set of unlikely heroes who discover their parents are part of a secret society called “The Pride” and witness them sacrifice a girl.

Craziness ensues. Also, this is a great reason to read my blog - the Marvel Unlimited forward and backward buttons will get you to the wrong issues. They really need to work on that.


The first story arc is six issues, originally Vaughan’s entire idea for the series. Later Joss Whedon took over for an arc and then another creative team took over for the remaining issues before cancellation at issue 18. Luckily, the trade paperbacks sold well and there are two additional volumes of issues, volume 2 has 30, volume 3 has 14.

The artwork is flawless, click on the issues to jump straight in on Marvel Unlimited!



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