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Friday, May 17, 2013

Marvel Comics Events (Timeline and Illuminati)

Greetings comic fans,

There are so many crossover events and multiple book story arcs that it can be overwhelming to find links and figure out what’s going on and what order to read things in for the most satisfaction.With that being said, don’t limit yourself to strictly chronological order (time wise) since some of the best events were the more recent ones.

Wikipedia has a great page with a list of Marvel crossovers here.

I highly recommend the Illuminati series, as it puts some of the longer arcs into context as we discover that some leaders of the various communities of heroes (mutants, the Avengers, Atlantis, etc) have met for years secretly to be prepared for a Skrull invasion.

A little about the Illuminati books:

  • Brian Michael Bendis is involved - one of today’s (maybe all-time?) writers.
  • They span many events across the Marvel universe.
  • Did I mention Bendis?


These issues can be purchased via Amazon as a collected edition New Avengers: Illuminati

Bendis can be followed on Twitter here.

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